Adelina Ivan

Part I Architectural Assistant

We should infuse spaces with compelling stories and thoughtful narratives, to create environments that resonate with a deeper sense of connection.”

I am an avid enthusiast of movies, and I love to meticulously analyse films as visual storytelling devices. The intricate interplay of narrative and storytelling within films captivates my imagination, shaping the lens through which I approach architecture. I firmly hold the belief that architecture should transcend the mere construction of spaces; it should engage in a narrative dialogue that imparts purpose and meaning to every design.

I moved from Bucharest to London to study architecture at the University of Westminster. The highlight of my studies was being nominated for the RIBA President’s Bronze Medal for my final-year undergraduate work titled 'Collective Harvesting of Memory.' This project centred around an urban farming and communal cooking facility, embracing local craft in its construction process. My project also garnered recognition in the Architects’ Journal Student Prize 2023 and was featured in the 'Dezeen School Shows' showcase.

My undergraduate research into urban farming and food systems happily aligns with my current work at Studio Egret West. I have contributed significantly to the Bristol Fruit Market project, aiming to shape a healthy new neighbourhood with a “five a day” offer. This project allows me to blend my passion for architecture with a commitment to creating spaces that tell a story, resonate with purpose, and contribute to the well-being of the communities they serve.