Aaron Osinuga

Part II Architectural Assistant

I am captivated by the transformative impact of spaces on human connections.”

Originating from East London, my architectural sensibilities have been shaped by the dynamic interplay of regeneration and gentrification, fostering my interest in social architecture. To me, architecture transcends mere structures and facades; it is a profound exploration of how people interact with spaces and the emotions these spaces evoke. I believe that the essence of good design lies in creating environments that resonate with the human experience.

My university studies allowed me to delve deeper into my research interests, focusing on urban design and sustainable architecture. My projects centred on minimising our carbon footprint and conceptualising ideal community and living conditions for a new “utopia.”

Beyond the realm of architecture, I am an avid traveller and football enthusiast (and quite the sneakerhead!). In my leisure time, you'll find me on the football field, exploring art exhibitions, immersing myself in cinema, or hitting the gym. I relish being outdoors, constantly exploring and drawing inspiration from everyday moments.