Feb 15, 2019

Love Is in the Air!

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Last Thursday was Valentine’s Day, the perfect occasion to launch our latest exhibition, Love Our Colleges X Love Your High Street!

Students from New City College welcomed guests to the studio, where they were then treated to a glimpse of the wide variety of skills and talents that Colleges nurture and support. Creative arts students showed how to craft your own Valentine’s object d‘art; catering students’ provided hearty, delicious fayre; and computer games design students gave a live Beauty & the Beast animation modelling and concept art demonstration.

Love Our Colleges X Love Your High Street is an exhibition which explores the potential benefits that Colleges and local High Streets might enjoy through enhanced interrelationships. You can watch our campaign here: https://vimeo.com/316776663

‘’As separate entities, these two UK institutions could struggle. Might they be better off if they worked together, blurring boundaries and forging new relationships, stimulating enterprise and supporting learning? A glorious symbiosis between College and High Street!''

The exhibition is open Tuesday - Friday between 10:00 - 16:00 at our Clerkenwell Showroom. Friday 15th February 2019 to Friday 29th March.

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Love Is in the Air!