Apr 21, 2023

EOT Forum: Brighton, “a grand day out” - with a beach-side, pint in hand, fish ‘n chip finale!

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Studio Egret West hit the beach in Brighton for our bi-annual Employee’s Ownership Trust (EOT) Forum to discuss topics that are important to our studio.

In 2020, Studio Egret West, became an Employee Ownership Trust.

The Employee Ownership Trust’s bi-annual Forums are key dates in the studio’s calendar and Brighton EOT Forum is the 5th forum to take place. It’s a studio day out, away from the desks, that enables different voices of the Studio to generate creative solutions to our industry’s many challenges.

EOT Forum: Brighton, did not disappoint…

A formal start included Steering Group presentations – providing updates on the business’ direction with an open forum for debate and sharing of ideas. This was followed by a tour of Brighton Plus X, designed by Studio Egret West. And to top it all off… the day ended with a ‘pint in hand, beach-side, fish ‘n chip finale’


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Today marked the final EOT Forum for us both as Employee Trustee Directors, before Chris and Tara step into the role. The forums have provided a great excuse to get out of the studio and visit our ‘Places’ on mass. The ethos of the Employee Owned Trust that encourages and empowers active involvement in the future direction of SEW and puts an emphasis on a culture of collective responsibility, continues to bring the studio together for these thought provoking sessions. The most compelling change for us has been our approach to discussions and the way we engage in the EOT. We have tested a multitude of communication techniques and are now starting to think and behave like owners. This whole process has been extremely rewarding and we are excited to see how it continues to develop and evolve with fresh ideas…”
Lucy Head and James Cook Employee Trustee Directors


EOT Forum: Brighton, “a grand day out” - with a beach-side, pint in hand, fish ‘n chip finale!