Jun 05, 2019

Catford Summer Engagement Events

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We’re underway with our summer engagement events for Catford Town Centre. Working in collaboration with Team Catford and Carl Turner Architect’s, as well as Civic Engineers and Greengage, our next event to discuss the framework is 25th June 7-9pm, in the Civic Suite, Catford.

You can discover more about the framework, the series of engagement events, and have your say about the framework via the Team Catford website: https://catfordframework.commonplace.is/overview

Film courtesy of Team Catford.

‘’Architects Studio Egret West with Carl Tuner Architects have been commissioned by the Council to lead the development of this framework, which will be a blueprint to guide development in Catford town centre over the next 10-15 years. They have immersed themselves in the 1,800 comments shared on the feedback hub – Commonplace – gathered digitally and from the hundreds of hours Team Catford has spent in engagement events in and around the town centre and have used these insights to guide their initial thoughts. The architects’ role is to work alongside the Council and Team Catford to build on this feedback and, using best practice in urban design and planning, to inspire local people to reimagine the town centre.’’ (Excerpt from the Catford Conversations Spring Newsletter 2019.)

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Catford Summer Engagement Events