Nov 22, 2021

Castlegate regeneration project in Sheffield has been awarded £20 million from the government’s Levelling Up Fund

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210609 Aerial view
Sheffield has been successfully awarded the full amount requested from the Government’s Levelling Up Fund, with £20m allocated to redeveloping Castlegate. The funds will be used to transform the historic site from a neglected and forgotten piece of the city to a place for people that is immersed in heritage and culture. The framework, designed by Studio Egret West, centres on a generous open space framed by a blend of future uses that focuses on innovation, education and wellness.
210609 eye level along bridge New pedestrian bridge over the unveiled River Sheaf

The ambition is to introduce ‘The Outdoor City’ concept, which aims to transform Sheffield into one of the greenest urban centres in Europe, across the site to encourage a healthier balance between city, culture and nature. By de-culverting the River Sheaf, a new focal point is created around water that brings purpose to the place. Naturalised river edges provide opportunities for habitat creation and increased biodiversity, building on the Grey to Green project, which has transformed surrounding streets into ecological spines for people and wildlife.

210609 eye level across river Opening up a new public space along on the river

A welcoming central landscape of learning and discovery echoes the former castle courtyard. Flexible in nature, the space has been re-imagined to host events, performances and informal gatherings. Studio Egret West’s design approach reveals and displays the castle remains and other archaeological finds through innovative and multi-dimensional methods, establishing a link to the past. New sculptural elements could create a contemporary counterpart to the historic remains, and act as beacons in the landscape that showcase local talent.

Improved routes and increased site permeability will help reintegrate the site with the wider city and connect to other cultural institutions and key destinations.

210527 sketch plan 1 Indicative plan for a new central space framed by a mix of uses

Christophe Egret, Founding Director at Studio Egret West said, “The site is a place of meaning and magnitude for Sheffield, with a rich and layered history. It is where the city was born, on the confluence of the River Don and the River Sheaf. For centuries, it was a place for people to gather, but over time it has become somewhat forgotten, and not a natural place to gravitate. The Levelling Up Fund has the capacity to change this predicament, and to breathe new life into the site through key public realm improvements and regeneration initiatives that can change the perception of Castlegate.”

Nalin Seneviratne, Director of City Centre Development at Sheffield Council said, “The council is delighted with the outcome and will ensure the allocated funding supports our ambitions for Castelgate to become a focal point of the city centre. We are excited by the opportunity to introduce new greenery and public spaces, creating an attractive area for people to visit. The land around the site will also be prepared for future uses that focus on education, innovation and encouraging healthy lifestyles following significant public consultation.”


Castlegate regeneration project in Sheffield has been awarded £20 million from the government’s Levelling Up Fund