Oct 16, 2020

Archiboo Awards 2020

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We’re happy to announce that our website has been shortlisted for four Archiboo awards - a programme that celebrates the creative use of the Internet to communicate inspirational design.

Now in their fifth year, the Archiboo Awards honour high quality design, great storytelling and excellent user experience.

Our website, which we launched at our 15th birthday party in November 2019, has been shortlisted in four categories:

- Best User Experience

- Best Visual Design

- Best Written Content


- Best of the Best

www.studioegretwest.com is the culmination of a six-month-long rebranding process, and acts as a celebration of the studio's story-so-far, whilst being a starting gun for the next chapter ahead.

In bringing together the website, we’ve been part of a hugely collaborative and rewarding experience, working closely with Rabbit Hole Agency who have led the strategy, identity, website and brand video, whilst Juliette Mitchell of Architypal helped us to find our words.


Rabbit Hole describe the website as ‘’bright, playful, and idiosyncratic—every aspect of the design is a nod to Studio Egret West’s character and culture. Abstract shapes (loosely outlined from the site ground boundaries of Studio Egret West’s places) animate and pop-up in various ways as you explore the site. These shapes often frame imagery and content, a visual motif inspired by the studio's 2018 book 'Framing Serendipity'. As the shapes overlap and layer one another, they reflect the studio's open-minded, multi-layered approach to design, free from siloed departments or disciplines.

Studio Egret West see themselves primarily as storytellers, creators (or curators) of place narratives. The design of flexible content layouts allows the team to tell these compelling stories online—with total control over the sequencing and positioning of text, imagery and video. (See the Places section.)

Emphasis is given throughout the site to Studio Egret West’s distinctive vocabulary and messaging— by highlighting the words, the design encourages their personality to shine through on every page. The website is successful because it sings the studio's mantras, character, and culture. Playfulness, storytelling, a love of alliteration, and copious amounts of yellow (the same yellow as the long iconic studio tables where the team gather to sketch and explore ideas), it's the digital embodiment of Studio Egret West.’’

The winners of the awards will be announced during a digital ceremony this November.

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Archiboo Awards 2020