Jun 21, 2019

A Vision for Digbeth

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A Vision for Digbeth - led by the design team of Studio Egret West and Allies and Morrison Urban Practitioners - has now been launched.

The historic engine of Birmingham, Digbeth is a creative hub and industrious place, with its heritage rooted in making and trade. With HS2 Curzon Street station works underway and the universities cluster emerging to the north, this marks the start of an exciting time for the area.

Three key landowners, the Gooch Estate, Oval Real Estate and Homes England have jointly commissioned a shared vision for the future of Digbeth. Informed through collaboration with the area's diverse communities, the document lays out a holistic vision for the future of Digbeth, setting a careful but transformative approach to the growth and change of an important neighbourhood in Birmingham.

The Vision is available at https://digbethvision.com/

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A Vision for Digbeth