Sangwon Cho

Part II Architectural Assistant

I’m committed to enhancing urban and architectural spaces to yield positive impacts on both human well-being and the environment.”

I embarked on my architectural journey in Seoul, where I gained valuable experience in designing mid- to large-scale projects encompassing residential, office, mixed-use, and hospitality buildings. After obtaining my architectural licence in South Korea and gaining proficiency across different project stages, I ventured to London to pursue further studies and expand my design horizons.

During my master’s programme in London, I developed a great interest in sustainable design, particularly in the realms of place, materiality, and context within the broader framework of environmental, societal, and cultural considerations.

In my view, placemaking emerges as a pivotal strategy in sustainable design. I embrace techniques that repurpose building uses and materials while preserving existing elements and honouring contextual nuances. This approach not only creates memorable spaces but also evokes a profound sensory experience.