Molly Holman-Sheard

Model Maker

I am most drawn to working at a larger scale where detail can be explored.”

Since I can remember, I have always had the yearning to make things. This inclination was spurred on by a sense of adventure, from constructing a tree house using the remnants of a staircase from a gutted house found in a skip, to collecting curved bricks from the mill chimney that had been demolished near our house to build a winding garden path.

This need to ‘make’ stayed with me whilst studying Interior Architecture at Brighton University. I found designing through making the most effective and enjoyable way to portray my ideas, from concept through to final design. I particularly enjoyed exploring the potential of materials, the way you can manipulate metal to curve by moulding it round a mushroom stake with a mallet, or bending layers of plywood around a Former. Understanding these processes at a small scale has enabled me to think how they might be applied in reality.

I am most drawn to working at a larger scale where detail can be explored; testing the way light moves through a space, the way different materials react or complement one another. At Studio Egret West, the place that demonstrates this method well is a model for the façade study of the Montpellier building. Here, I used perforated iridescent card to translate the formation of the glazed ceramic tiles used by the Architects, giving a suggestion of the way light might react to the material.

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