Michael Whitton

Senior Landscape Architect

Landscape architecture is a 'broad church' that goes beyond the designed and natural environment.”

I come from a background in the Arts, and it has been incredibly liberating to discover that through my career I can commit my days to a creative craft, where I am able to draw and bring ideas together.

Having completed courses at St. Martin’s College of Art and Ravensbourne College of Art, I soon realised I sought an output that was more practical and constructive, working collaboratively with others and discovering ideas to develop. Early in my career I worked closely with landscape architects and thus discovered my calling which led me to study Landscapes at Thames Polytechnic (now the University of Greenwich).

One of the seminal moments of that course for me was during a lecture where the speaker said, ‘everything is landscape.’ This cemented my belief that buildings, urban form, public realm, places are all in fact landscape. Landscape is about the creation of spaces and places. It goes beyond the designed and natural environment and to me one of landscape architecture's greatest strengths is that it is a ‘broad church’.

I have been very lucky in my career to find myself mostly as part of larger multi-disciplinary studios, working with architects, urban designers, planners, a whole range of engineers and other environmental specialists. This has also included working abroad in China, the Middle East and in Switzerland as well in London and the Midlands. I have been involved in group working, without rigidly defined professional boundaries on often large and complex projects. To successfully work in this way, I believe each of us must consider our contributing expertise as being of equal value to ensure that we work collaboratively and realise the best solutions.

My main professional interest is landscape planning, urban design and landscape-led design. I am fascinated by the use of GIS in landscape and developing coded solutions to analyse complex problems both in GIS and Rhino using Grasshopper.