Lone Blomhøj

Studio Manager

Originally from Denmark, London has been my home for the past 17 years. I studied Interior Architecture at university, and although it still remains one of my main passions, I was busy touring Europe with my band at the time, and life got in the way a little.

After leaving university, I made a detour and worked at Puma HQ for a while before setting up my own bag business. It was a huge learning curve, and something I needed to do, as well as extremely rewarding. It was also lonely at times, and I missed working with others.

I enjoy spaces and people, and that is really what drew me back to the world of Architecture.

At Studio Egret West, I look after the practice and its people. I have spearheaded Studio initiatives, as well as improved standards and benefits for our team, helping SEW to stand out from the crowd. My aim has always been to make it the best possible place to work.

I have been part of growing SEW from a small practice to the 70+ people it is today, and that has been extremely rewarding.