Aminah Ibrahim

Part II Architectural Assistant

As architects, we hold the power to shape the world around us, but with that power comes the responsibility to advocate for the voiceless and marginalised.”

Born and raised in Malaysia, I've always harboured a deep desire to use architecture as a means to give back to my community, striving to live a life with purpose beyond myself. My educational journey led me to complete my ARB/RIBA 1 in Malaysia and ARB/RIBA 2 in Scotland, where I had the privilege of working alongside renowned ecologists and architects like Ken Yeang and Jimmy Lim.

Over recent years, I’ve found that what truly drives me is the recognition of repression in war-affected regions, compelling me to believe that architecture and planning should take a clear ethical stance against oppression. This conviction fuels my ongoing commitment to learning and contributing through architecture, advocating for awareness and a humanitarian approach in design.

In architecture, I find myself drawn to speculative projects with intricate narratives, fascinated by how architecture intersects with the controversial politics of a country. Outside of architecture, I find solace and inspiration in solo traveling, hiking, and wild camping in the mountains, all the while sketching the beauty of nature. Additionally, I enjoy indulging in pottery making as a creative outlet and a way to unwind.