Alesia Berahavaya

Part II Architectural Assistant

I believe that architecture has the power to improve lives - creating happier and stronger communities.”

With the ambition to make cities more compassionate, I am interested in integrating public programme into urban proposals, to allow the full spectrum of social interaction to thrive. My interests lie in looking beyond the materiality of architecture, to understand how people can interact with spaces in a meaningful way to harness a sense of belonging.

During my time at Studio Egret West, I have been involved in the sensitive adaptation and restoration of historic buildings, as well as the improvement of architectural programmes. This includes the restoration of Grade II* listed heritage buildings – zooming-out to rationalise wider framework ideas and zooming-in to derive the materiality of spaces though interior design.

Visual representation is central to the way I share my ideas. As an architectural designer, I am also passionate in exploring how digital representation can portray scenarios in a playful and relatable manner. Using a broad spectrum of media, from hand-sketching to digital visualisations and physical modelling, I am keen to communicate the quality and intricacies of space.

In my studies at the Glasgow School of Art, my thesis work was shortlisted for the Sustainability and Social Justice Award and exhibited at the East Galley for COP26 in Glasgow.